Yummy Gelato

Yummy Gelato

Take a gelato break, and enjoy one of the yummiest treats.

This age-old delicacy that dates back thousands of years is best known for rich, smooth and intense flavours. Europe’s most popular frozen dessert is always “produzione propria”— made-on-site in traditional Italian-style — at our Yummy Cafe in Maple. Our very generous scoops will satisfy your craving year-round with mix-ins that are sure to excite the kids. Seasonal flavours made with juicy in-season fruit as well as all traditional favourites like Pistacchio and Nocciola are made fresh and in small batches.

If you love our gelato, it is also available in hand-packed containers from our Frozen Desserts section of the store.

Ice cream vs. Gelato: What’s the difference?
Ice cream vs. Gelato: What’s the difference? Click on image to learn more.