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Grand opening celebration in Maple

Yummy Market at 1390 Major Mackenzie Dr. W. in Maple Ont.

Yummy Market officially launched a unique, European-inspired shopping experience during Grand Opening celebrations at its Maple location at 1390 Major Mackenzie Drive West at Dufferin Street on Saturday, March 2.

The 50,000-square-foot location combines a fresh, continentally inspired design with a wide variety of prepared foods and imported European delicacies to create a unique European shopping experience. The store design includes large “fresco-style” images of European landmarks, curved bulkheads and open market areas.

Inside the Yummy Market store in Maple, Ont.

“We are committed to delivering a shopping experience unlike any other in the GTA, building on what we have learned from our first 10 years in North York,” said Yummy Market CEO Alexei Tsvetkov. “From freshly baked breads and pastries to prepared in-store European-style dishes, our in-store Chefs and Bakers make everything from scratch.”