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PowerStream and Go With LED recognize Yummy Market as an energy champion

Yummy Market CEO, Alexei Tsvetkov (right), receives a $43,985.25 cheque
from PowerStream on Wednesday, July 30, 2014.

PowerStream and Go With LED honoured Yummy Market for its recent lighting retrofit from incandescent lamps to LED refrigeration lamps at its flagship store in Vaughan located at 1390 Major Mackenzie Drive West at Dufferin Street. PowerStream presented Yummy Market with a cheque for the amount of $43,985.25 as part of an incentive offered by the Ontario Power Authority’s saveONenergy program.

PowerStream and Go With LED have worked closely with Yummy Market on this energy conservation project to improve efficiency and lessen the pressure on Ontario’s power grids, thereby minimizing the environmental impact. A total of 519 LED refrigeration lamps were installed at the Yummy Market store in Vaughan with plans to switch to LED lamps at Yummy Market’s second location in North York. The newly-installed LED lights are projected to save close to 80 per cent on energy costs. PowerStream and Go With LED recognize Yummy Market’s commitment to energy conservation by calling the European grocer “a true Energy Champion.”

“At Yummy Market, we are always looking for innovative approaches to reduce environmental footprint and improve energy efficiencies in our stores,” said Yummy Market CEO Alexei Tsvetkov. “Switching to LED refrigeration lamps was an easy way to save energy while improving the light quality, and, ultimately our guests’ shopping experience at our flagship store.”

SaveOnEnergy For Business – Yummy Market Case Study