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Our “Russian Winter” float receives 1st place at the 15th annual Maple SantaFest parade

IMG_20141202_194457maple 2free photos w santa 2

Sunday, November 23rd marked the 15th Annual Maple SantaFest Parade – a signature event that became a holiday tradition for the area and for Vaughan residents. The parade featured decked floats, great bands and community groups dressed festively all marching in celebration of the Holiday Season. Yummy Market, the General Sponsor of the “Russian Winter” float, along with Star School, the Canadian Russian Culture Parenting Association and the Russian Youth Theatre together are the recipients of this year’s 1st place  – The Dante Di Meo Award for the best-themed float at the parade. A big thanks goes out to all the volunteers and supporters who worked hard to make this year’s “Russian Winter” happen!