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Giving thanks this Thanksgiving

Every year, Thanksgiving is a time for reflecting on everything you are grateful for, a time to count all your blessings one by one, a time to appreciate the immense wealth that is your family and friends — it’s time for gratitude and appreciation. And this year is no different.

With the most thankful of holidays upon us, we at Yummy Market are feeling extremely thankful, too. We see daily acts of courtesy and kindness in our stores that turn mundane grocery shopping into smiles, and make our communities a better place. From a generous customer once surprising all our 27 female associates at the North York store with a chocolate rose for each on International Women’s Day, to a customer paying for the person next in line just because, to letting the person behind in the line-up go first.

But the biggest act of kindness of them all, the one that many of our less fortunate neighbours in the Vaughan community will be grateful for this year, is your generosity. Thanks to you, our customers, our food donation bins at the store in Maple are filling up to the rims with our pre-packed everyday essentials, and not only leading to Thanksgiving, but year-round. In fact, this year’s food donation turnout is our best yet!

We are grateful and excited — and we can’t wait to share these fantastic results with you in celebration of Thanksgiving. Below are some rounded up food donation totals from October 2015 to 2016; all these foods were supplied to the Vaughan Food Bank to help nurture neighbours in need:


Thank you and please continue to give. Your help is needed and greatly appreciated this Thanksgiving and always. We believe together we can help feed the hungry in our community. Let’s continue making it happen.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.