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8th Annual International Food Festival

Yummy Market supports this year’s International Food Festival with a gift of 100 servings of cabbage rolls, potatoes and blinis. Mackenzie Health volunteers served hundreds of meals to Mackenzie Health staff as part of their annual fundraising efforts again this year. In fact, all food was sold out in 90 minutes!

The Mackenzie Health Volunteer Association has two specific goals: one is to provide 100,000 hours of volunteer service a year, freeing professional staff to work with patients; the other is to fundraise.  They have recently embarked on a new campaign to raise $500,000 specifically targeted for the Mental Health Program at Mackenzie Health.

Pictured above are Sally David, the President of Volunteer Association at Mackenzie Health and Peter K., the Store Manager of the Yummy Market in Maple. Sally presented Peter with a plaque of appreciation for Yummy Market’s support of the annual International Food Festive fundraisers organized by Mackenzie Health volunteers.