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From Our Bakery

Our Breads are freshly fresh, unlike any you have tasted elsewhere

It is often said that “one look is worth a thousand words,” but we are convinced that “one tasting is worth a hundred sayings.” Our Bakery department is both our pride and focal point.

We make real bread, hand-made from scratch – no artificial ingredients. To evoke full flavour potential, our breads are always prepared with pure ingredients, sold and eaten fresh. Batch to batch, crust to crust, it is our tribute to the beloved comfort food, and a European food tradition. Enjoy our fresh-baked bread aromas, and even sample some fresh-from-the-oven baked goodness, all day long.

How should a European food experience culminate? With dessert, of course

Trained in classical baking techniques, our Pastry Chefs amuse both the eyes and the taste buds with their flawless execution. Made with premium ingredients such as real butter, honey and quality chocolate, every dessert is crafted to perfection. Fruits of love and care, our cakes and desserts are reminiscent of great old Europe − with a modern twist.