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Our Breads

We bake from scratch, just like in old days

Being trained in traditional European baking, our Master Baker and his team know only one way to make delicious bread — to bake it fresh, from scratch. Our time-honoured bread-making techniques, paired with simple ingredients, are our secret to tasty bread. Today our in-store Bakery offers more than 300 baked-from-scratch breads, rolls and buns made according to original recipes.

The baking process at the Yummy Market Bakery is lengthy and complex, but artisan craftsmanship demands nothing less. Our Bakers cultivate wild yeast, work with sourdough, liquid and stiff rye dough starters, and use a 24-hour fermentation process. Not to mention over half of our breads are hearth breads, baked directly on the floor of our stone ovens. We use unrefined grains as often as possible, and even mill some grains by hand. In short, we never stop baking. The result is fresh, scratch-baked bread: crunchy crust, light, chewy or tender on the inside, and always delicious.

Have a dietary restriction? Looking for vegan bread options? Keep in mind that we can cater to your special needs as well. Our Bakers are always happy to take your special orders, or suggest a suitable bread variety to meet your specifications.

Stop by our Bakery to enjoy fresh, made-from-scratch breads seven days a week. Guaranteed.

Here are some of your favourites:

100% Whole Wheat Bread with Sunflower Seeds
Oat-Wheat Bran Buns
Borodinsky® Rye Bread
Darnitsky® Rye Buns
French Baguette
Derevensky Sour Dough Loaf
7-Grain Bread
Ukrainian Rye Bread
Walnut Bread
Onion Half Baguette
Garlic-Parsley Bread
Riga Rye Bread
Whole Wheat Buns
Orlovsky® Rye Bread
Onion Sour Dough Bread
Olive Bread
Belarusian Light Rye Bread
Buckwheat Baguette
Nareznoy White Tender Bread
Jerusalem Bagel