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From Our Butcher

Freshly cut meats, great value and quality

In the spirit of the traditional neighbourhood butcher shop, we paired an old-school butchery counter with a convenient case-ready display. You will find limitless selections of local and domestic beef, pork, veal, lamb and poultry. Our skilled Butchers are happy to break down and custom-cut any of our meats for you. From slow cooking meats to festive, premium and aged cuts sold at its best, all you have to do is ask. If chicken and turkey is on your menu all too often, be adventurous and consider fresh or frozen rabbits, quails, cornish hens, ducks or geese.

Our ready-to-cook meats are an affordable solution for easy dinners. Looking to simplify your weekday or weekend meals? Just add our famous, in-store-made and ready-to-skewer shish kebabs, marinated meats, sausages and patties to your weekly shopping list.

Our customers with special dietary preferences will find a large selection of certified organic chicken, beef and pork from such respected names as Yorkshire Valley Farms, Blue Goose and Field Gate Organics. Persons who prefer to buy kosher will have no limitations on the assortment of certified kosher meats and poultry at our kosher meat display.