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From Our Deli

Time stops when you step into our European Deli

Abundant with a wide assortment of local and worldly meats and cheeses, our Deli is one of the largest in the GTA. Discover hundreds of cooked, cured, smoked and ground charcuterie that is never pre-sliced or pre-shaved. Over 200 imported cheeses in a gamut of styles, textures and flavours await to grace your table, and delight your taste buds, for any occasion.

Don’t let our Deli variety intimidate you. We are here to guide you through our cheese and meat selections. Sample before you buy, and have your favourite deli meat or cheese sliced just the way you like.

Our Deli is one of our most popular departments. We encourage you to look around and nibble on hundreds of samples available daily. You are sure to discover interesting flavours and new favourites. Each product has a history, is based on a secret recipe, and follows its own manufacturing traditions. Superb flavour is something all our Deli products have in common.