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From Our Fishmonger

Fish markets were known in antiquity

Remember when every neighborhood had a fishmonger? In the old days, you would visit the local fish shop right after visiting the butcher. Our Fishmonger is not a centenarian, however, his mastery and skills are unsurpassed. Watch from behind the fish counter and you will see him gutting, boning, filleting and creating seafood theatre.

Let our Fishmonger and our knowledgeable Associates transform your meal into a delectable seafood experience. For your convenience, we will steam your live lobster and will marinate the seafood of your choice all while you shop. Our crab-solutely fabulous crab cakes and supreme bacon-wrapped scallops are just a few of our must-try specialties.

Seasonal sea bounty offerings as well as a many local and imported from around-the-world choices are in store for you. No need to travel by sea to find a treasure of marinades, sauces, seasonings and spices to elevate your seafood meal. Find these, and more, at your Yummy’s Fishmonger.