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From Our Growers

From the farmers’ fields straight to your table

At one time in the distant past, the only sources of food were local villages and towns. The farmers would gather to share their seasonally grown produce at their local farmers markets. Our old-world European tradition dictates choosing fresh, local, hand-picked fruits, herbs and vegetables gathered at the peak of their growing season. That is what you will find at our Produce department.

When we shop imported

One of our mottoes is to offer variety and the best quality at the best price – all year round. Our customers demand the opportunity to try new and exciting, exotic, tropical and sometimes hard-to-find varieties from around the world. Our fresh produce reflects our customers’ many different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Organic choice and value

For our Organic-conscious customers, we aim to provide nothing short of the finest quality produce and the best value possible year-round.