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From Our Kitchen

Made fresh, from scratch, in-store!

It’s time to liberate yourself from cooking and we are here to help you! Our Chefs are busy preparing affordable home-style meals based on traditional European recipes seven days a week for you.

On any given day, you’ll find an array of choices that rival a fine food restaurant. No fancy plate decor, just simple food ingredients and our Chefs’ dedication to freshly prepared foods. With new dishes introduced weekly, there is no need to eat the same meal twice.

For starters, take a look at our fabulous salads. Those are not your everyday greens. You will find salads with such ingredients as herbs, beans, fish and seafood, macaroni and noodles, meat, herring, vegetables, eggs, potatoes and fruits. The only kind of salad you probably won’t find is candy salad (unless you wish and we will make it for you!).

Our modern Kitchens adhere to the old European tradition of cooking from scratch. From quick snacks to full-course dinners your family will love our full-flavour meals with the cooked-from-scratch difference. And we have your special occasion meals covered too.

Your taste buds won’t want to miss our many prepared food recipes including spreads, cold and hot appetizers, hot entrées and sides.

  • From 1 to 1,000, our Chefs will handle any group size special orders.
  • Have a craving? Our versatile Chefs will be happy to satisfy your most intricate food fancy. Just call ahead and we will prepare your favourite dish for pick-up.