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Sponsorships and Donations


Thank you for considering Yummy Market as a potential partner.

Yummy Market’s sponsorships are aimed at providing synergy with our business goals and objectives and to naturally providing greater visibility of the company and our products where appropriate.

As you can imagine, we receive numerous requests for sponsorship, and whilst we would like to be able to extend our support to all requests, on many occasions we are unable to assist due to current commitments and budgetary constraints.


Proposals will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Align with our Sponsorship and Marketing Programs
  • Support Yummy Market’s overall strategy to focus on our customers and foster relationships with businesses and organizations alike.
  • Enhance Yummy Market’s reputation
  • Must offer exclusivity in the Retail Grocery Supermarket category


Groups or organizations that are not eligible for sponsorships include:

  • Groups that pursue religious or political goals
  • Initiatives that take place outside of the Greater Toronto Area
  • Advocacy, lobby or special interest groups whose mandate is to influence government policy
  • Sports teams or leagues

 Application Guidelines

Requests for sponsorship must be submitted at least 16 weeks prior to the beginning of activities related to the event or project. In order to be considered, the initial request for sponsorship must include all required details and supporting material. Please refer to Elements of Sponsorship Proposal for direction. Due to the volume of proposals we receive, only those proposals submitted in this format will be considered.

 Assessment and Notification

All proposals will be reviewed against our budget, strategy and objectives and assessed to ensure that requests meet the sponsorship criteria as outlined above, including:

  • Is there a good balance between the sought-after benefits and the expected costs?
  • Does the targeted audience provide Yummy Market with a marketing opportunity?
  • Does the sponsorship proposal generate a feeling of belonging, community involvement and good citizenship?

You will be notified usually within 3-4 weeks if your proposal is successful. Please take this factor into consideration when submitting your proposal to allow sufficient time for assessment prior to the sponsored event taking place. Due to the high number of requests we receive, we cannot answer your inquiries by telephone

Submission Information

All requests must be submitted by email to

Local Community Donations

As part of Yummy Market’s ongoing commitment to the community in which we operate, we support local projects and programs of not-for-profit or charitable organizations that directly benefit the community in which each of our stores is located.

Please note that due to a large number of requests for donations we receive, Yummy Market must limit its support to those opportunities most consistent with the company’s giving priorities.

Yummy Market does not consider funding for the following causes:

  • Groups that pursue religious, political or economic goals
  • Individuals
  • Non-charitable organizations or events including conferences or seminars
  • Sports teams or leagues
  • Travel-related events, including trips or tours
  • Purchase of tables/advertising at fundraising events or galas

Submitting Your Request

We donate in the form of products or gift cards. Gift cards can be used as auction items or to purchase needed items from our stores. We do not make monetary donations.

Yummy Market is General Sponsor of: