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Dairy Specialties

Dare to try delicious European-recipe dairy

Europeans are spoiled when it comes to dairy products. They know their dairy and have high expectations for quality and selection.

And for good reason! Generations have grown up on wholesome, calcium-rich traditional specialties such as Ryazhenka, Huslanka, Maslanka, and Tvorog (quark cheese) to name just a few. They are the stalwart staples of breakfast tables. Not to mention, numerous Eastern European recipes – from pancakes (Gurievsky, made with kefir) to soups (Holodnik, made with buttermilk or kefir) – call for one or more of these products as the base ingredient.

So it’s no coincidence that our dairy shelves are stocked with European-style dairy products that you would not find in mainstream grocery stores. If you are looking for a taste of Europe, our Dairy section is a good place to start. From wholesome to skim to organic options, at Yummy Market you’ll find an expansive assortment of dairy products any day of the week.

If the product looks unfamiliar, let us know! Our Associates are never too far and will be happy to answer your questions and suggest the best way to store and enjoy the product.