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Freezer Foods

Family meals in minutes

If you think you know frozen foods, think again, because at Yummy Market, frozen has a whole new meaning. Prepare to experience this convenient-food section in a European way. Our Freezers are full of cozy, traditional comfort foods (like cheesy carbs), imported specialties (like wild forest berries), and unexpected finds (like a wide variety of fish).

Our frozen foods let you take a quick taste trip to Europe (and well beyond!) any day of the week. Soups, savoury pies, doughs, pelmeni and perogies, fish, berries, fruits and veggies, not to mention frozen desserts, you are sure to discover new food favourites.

Boil or fry some perogies or pelmeni, sauté vegetables, bake a cheese khachapuri pie (a Georgian favourite) in the oven. Thanks to the convenience and ease of preparation, you can whip up a European-inspired meal in minutes using the frozen foods available at Yummy Market.

For the days when other priorities take over, you can always rely on your well-stocked freezer. So go ahead, stock up and enjoy your express European food experience from your freezer.