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Grocery Pantry

Take a taste tour across Europe and beyond

How would you like to eat lunch on a yacht in the Mediterranean or après-ski appetizers in a chalet in the French Alps? Our imported groceries will take you (read: your taste buds) there.

With thousands of products brought from all over the European continent and beyond, you’ll always find new flavour experiences in our grocery aisles. Our Buyers bring the best, yummiest foods so you can taste your way through Europe – and well beyond – without leaving home.

Russia’s renowned sweets, Italy’s gourmet pastas, Germany’s smoked sausages (in jars!) — explore and discover European countries through their food specialties. Familiar or unexpected, our imported groceries will surprise and delight you. Some of them may even test your taste buds’ limits!

So go ahead, browse our grocery shelves and aisles to choose your taste experiences. And if the product’s label looks unfamiliar, our Associates are here to help you; they will be happy to explain the product’s origin or to offer the best storing and serving suggestions.

Pantry mainstays

If you are looking for your familiar pantry favourites, you will also find them at Yummy Market. Your favourite dry groceries, everyday consumables and snacks are available alongside our imported products. Cookies, pasta, noodles, sauces, cereals, and many other products – we offer a large variety of all your pantry essentials.

Product inquiries

Have a product suggestion? Let us know! Our Buyers are always on the lookout for new, delicious groceries to add to our existing assortment. We welcome your suggestions, but there are no guarantees. Because each product must meet stringent quality criteria, not every product suggestion ends up on our shelves. For product suggestions, email: