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Smoked Fish and Caviar Assortments

There’s more to smoked fish than lox cream cheese bagels. Much more!

Visit our Smoked Fish counter and you’ll find a large selection of pickled, marinated, cold- and hot-smoked seafood options every day. Pickled herring, hot-smoked sturgeon, cold-smoked roach – these are just a few of the many European favourites you’ll find at your Yummy Market.

With its intense, smoky aroma and flavour, smoked fish is an elegant way to add depth to any dish. On toast, in pasta, as a beer accompaniment, on a party platter, or as an appetizer – the possibilities are endless when it comes to serving and enjoying smoked fish.

At our Smoked Fish counter, you’ll also find a variety of caviars. Need a quick way to elevate any dish? Add a gobbet of caviar on the side. Seek to impress your guests? Serve sparkling wine and blini with caviar. Choose from the most exquisite (sturgeon black caviar) to more affordable (trout caviar) varieties. You’ll also find carp roe, whitefish caviar, and other lesser-known roes and caviars at our counter.