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Zakuski, Antipasti, Hors d’Oeuvres

Small bites, big flavour

Starters or appetizers, zakuski or tapas, antipasti or hors d’oeuvres – call them what you want, they have one thing in common: they are bite-sized. And, each is part of an intricate culinary tradition of serving small portions of food before the main course.

Served hot or cold, these tiny food portions pack loads of flavour. Brined herring, blini and caviar, baked brie, cured olives, smoked salmon pâté, baba ganoush – with this many appetizer options, entertaining becomes a food adventure.

Ever wanted to serve a smörgåsbord or mazza table? At your Yummy Market, you’ll find an unsurpassed assortment of international appetizers that is sure to please every palate.

Gourmet Tip: Kick your meal up a notch with an accompaniment of our store-made pickled apples or pickled watermelon.