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Private Label

Quality, taste and value

Excellent assortment at competitive prices.

Heat-and-serve soups, perogies and pelmeni – our private label products are synonymous with the exceptional quality and taste you have come to expect from Yummy Market. Based on our recipes and made with real ingredients, our products stand out from the crowd.

In many Eastern European countries, perogies and pelmeni are a staple food, especially in frigid winter months. Our Perogies and Pelmeni are not only ready in minutes, but are offered in a variety of fillings, even dessert. So you can savour a different flavour every day of the week. Dress up potato perogies with butter and black pepper, and you have your dinner. Add mayo or sour cream and your favourite pasta sauce to your pelmeni, and you have a hearty meal.

In the mood for dessert? Our apple or cherry perogies serve up loads of sweetness, and are a perfect ending to a weekday family meal.

Get dinner ready in a dash, any day of the week.